update: September 24th 2007

Mr Feaver has decided to take his talents elsewhere. We are going to celibrate our years together opening up for the Bad Brains in Amsterdam's Paradiso on October 11th. This will be your last chance to see his rolling fills and fierce hammering in action on our material. So see you there.

We have recruited a long time NRA collaborator as our new drummer, more news on that soon.


update: December 19th 2006

We drove down to Tilburg last friday to play a show at 013 with our friends Otis. It was fun. We played SBR. This is only song we've ever recorded with an external singer, Kees Smit. He showed up and though we had not played the song for ten years, he cranked out a fine version. He was better than the sloppy orchestra backing him up. Ahh, whatever..

Otis were great: we'll join them in Eindhoven's Dynamo on January 6 of the new year.

Furthermore we had Surf City Amsterdam producer Vic Bondi in town and discussed future collaboration. Better check out his band Report Suspicious Activity. Better.


update: September 25th 2006

Our new video is online now. On Myspace! Yes, the technology laggers have set up a myspace page, finally. Though being sceptical at first, there's no denial that we all think myspace is fun. Go take a look

October 7 you can see us play in Hoogwoud.